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August 18, 2011




We have FIVE PAIRS OF FREE INVITATIONS to the New York City private screening of GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE—Joann Sfar's first feature-length movie!

WHEN: Wednesday, August 24th @ 7 PM

WHERE:  New Museum — 235 Bowery (between Stanton + Rivington), NYC

 This is a private, invitation-only event. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE FIRST FIVE TO RESPOND (in comments, below) you will receive an invitation for yourself + a companion. Be sure to leave your name in your response.


(A Serge Gainsbourg-Brigitte Bardot scene)

 GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE opens in NYC on Wednesday, August 31st at Film Forum.


August 17, 2011

Adaptations: A Book List

Adaptations are an interesting kettle of fish in the comics industry -- some seeing them as ways that they can honor and celebrate an author they love, some seeing them as a way to get the rent paid.  Here's a quick book list of some we enjoy!


Raina Telgemeier does an amazing job with her four Baby-Sitters Club adaptations.  The stories really have the heart that Ann M. Martin first endowed them with -- plus amazing art by Raina!


P. Craig Russell's adaptation of Coraline looked nothing like I thought the book should look.  But to my surprise, I liked it anyway -- clearly the hallmark of a good story. 


What can you say about Tim Hamilton's adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 that hasn't been said already (and better)?  It's very wonderful; Tim's art is lovely, and he clearly gets this story. 


This adaptation of The Great Gatsby is crazy.  That is why it is on this list.  It's always interesting to see when people take classics and do something wildly different with them. 


I am putting this adaptation of Sense & Sensibility on this list mostly because it has art by Sonny Liew, who is wonderful.  I suspect that I would read a grocery list if he drew it. 

The Eye of the World

Chuck Dixon and Chase Conley do an excellent job of tackling the extremely difficult task of adapting Robert Jordan's Eye of the World epic fantasy novel.  I am excited to see more volumes of this. 


Hm, Tim Hamilton again, this time on Treasure Island.  Maybe he just is superior at everything?

Wizard of Oz_Cav

I was initially skeptical about Mike Cavallaro's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, because the art was so not what I was expecting!  But this is a really wonderful version of the classic story that simultaneously distinguishes itself from Baum's work.  Very much worth checking out. 

Wizard of Oz_Young

Shanower and Young's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, on the other hand, is exactly what you were expecting -- it's a lovely homage to Baum's work. 

Happy reading!

August 16, 2011

Giveaway: Sara Varon's Bake Sale


Sara Varon's Bake Sale is one of the cutest -- and most delicious -- things that we've ever published!  Now you can win a copy.

August 15, 2011

Battling Boy rumors abound!

Will Maddox Pitt-Jolie star as the titular Battling Boy in Paul Pope's mega-opus of awesomeosity?

Alas, no!

Will Battling Boy make your brain explode?

Hell yes!



You Know You Want to Go to Astronaut Academy


(Astronaut Academy fan-poster by Tony Cliff, who we are very fond of.)

August 12, 2011

Lat Limerick


In Malyasia, there once was a boy

Who approached life filled up with joy

He learned and grew

His troubles were few;

The world was his toy.

If you haven't read Kampung Boy, we are here to inform you that it is awesome to the extent that there is an opera and he is on the sides of airplanes.  How cool is that?

August 10, 2011

Americus & Covers


We just got copies of this book in the office, and something confusing happened that has never happened to us before.

We know that when we send books to the printer, they're not going to look like the print-outs we make in the office, as the printer uses different kinds of ink and a different printing process than our color printer does.  And of course when we send things that need to come back being in foil or with spot gloss, there's no way to do that here (though I have heard of home-made spot gloss success using clear nail polish). 

But usually what we send to the printer is pretty much what we get back -- on different paper, in a slightly different shade, but basically having the same awesomeness quotient as the thing we sent.

This book surprised us. 

The cover is pretty awesome to begin with -- our designer, Colleen AF Venable, did an amazing job with it.  It's graphic and striking and unique.  So we expected something pretty cool back from the printer.

What we got was something that was even more awesome than we had expected.  After a few days of staring at the book, I'm still not sure what it is -- a sense of dimensionality that can't be conveyed by an on-screen image?  Matte finish for the win?  Whatever it is seems to be an ineffable undefinable quality.

In conclusion: the book looks even better than the pictures of it do!  The world seems to be a strange but wonderful place.

August 08, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Comics

We just got into the office copies of one of our fall books that I'm super-excited about: Nursery Rhyme Comics


It's gorgeous!  And also exciting.

Here's how this book works. 

We asked fifty cartoonists we really like to each transform a classic nursery rhyme into a comic.  It turns out when you have a rhyme like 'Jack & Jill' (Jack and Jill went up the hill / to fetch a pail of water / Jack fell down and broke his crown / and Jill came tumbling after), there's a reasonable narrative panel structure there.  So turning nursery rhymes into comics makes sense logically -- and it also makes the separate actions of the narrative easily understandable for young readers.

It came out to be awesome.

Here's who did nursery rhymes for us:

Nick Abadzis; Andrew Arnold; Kate Beaton; Vera Brosgol; Nick Bruel; Scott Campbell; Lilli Carre; Roz Chast; JP Coovert; Jordan Crane; Rebecca Dart; Eleanor Davis; Vanessa Davis; Theo Ellsworth; Matt Forsythe; Jules Feiffer; Bob Flynn; Alexis Frederick-Frost; Ben Hatke; Gilbert Hernandez; Jaime Hernandez; Lucy Knisley; David Macaulay; Mark Martin; Patrick McDonnell; Mike Mignola; Tony Millionaire; Tao Nyeu; George O’Connor; Mo Oh; Eric Orchard; Laura Park; Cyril Pedrosa; Lark Pien; Aaron Renier; Dave Roman; Marc Rosenthal; Stan Sakai; Richard Sala; Mark Siegel; James Sturm; Raina Telgemeier; Craig Thompson; Richard Thompson; Sara Varon; Jen Wang; Drew Weing; Gahan Wilson; Gene Luen Yang; Stephanie Yue; and an introduction by Leonard Marcus.  And Chris Duffy put the entire thing together for us. 

We've got some samples up here!  You should go look. 

August 05, 2011

Deific Limericks


Once there was a goddess who fell in love

With the guy who was the king of all above

the earth and everything below

including other women, you know,

but she was everything he was dreaming of.

I am not sure this limerick is the best incapsulation of all the things that go on in Hera, so let me just summarize by saying: this book reads like a Hera-specific outtake from Sandman. 

August 02, 2011

Walker Bean Give-Away


We love this book!  Copies available here

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