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August 17, 2011

Adaptations: A Book List

Adaptations are an interesting kettle of fish in the comics industry -- some seeing them as ways that they can honor and celebrate an author they love, some seeing them as a way to get the rent paid.  Here's a quick book list of some we enjoy!


Raina Telgemeier does an amazing job with her four Baby-Sitters Club adaptations.  The stories really have the heart that Ann M. Martin first endowed them with -- plus amazing art by Raina!


P. Craig Russell's adaptation of Coraline looked nothing like I thought the book should look.  But to my surprise, I liked it anyway -- clearly the hallmark of a good story. 


What can you say about Tim Hamilton's adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 that hasn't been said already (and better)?  It's very wonderful; Tim's art is lovely, and he clearly gets this story. 


This adaptation of The Great Gatsby is crazy.  That is why it is on this list.  It's always interesting to see when people take classics and do something wildly different with them. 


I am putting this adaptation of Sense & Sensibility on this list mostly because it has art by Sonny Liew, who is wonderful.  I suspect that I would read a grocery list if he drew it. 

The Eye of the World

Chuck Dixon and Chase Conley do an excellent job of tackling the extremely difficult task of adapting Robert Jordan's Eye of the World epic fantasy novel.  I am excited to see more volumes of this. 


Hm, Tim Hamilton again, this time on Treasure Island.  Maybe he just is superior at everything?

Wizard of Oz_Cav

I was initially skeptical about Mike Cavallaro's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, because the art was so not what I was expecting!  But this is a really wonderful version of the classic story that simultaneously distinguishes itself from Baum's work.  Very much worth checking out. 

Wizard of Oz_Young

Shanower and Young's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, on the other hand, is exactly what you were expecting -- it's a lovely homage to Baum's work. 

Happy reading!


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