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July 28, 2011

Dear Internet, a Quick :01 Update

Internet!  Hello.

SDCC 135

You have not heard from :01 in a while, probably because we have spent the past week going to San Diego and then coming back to San Diego and then dealing with post-San Diego-exploded inboxes (which tend to happen specifically to us because the book industry does not believe in scheduling around San Diego, sensibly for them but not as much for us).  We got back from the balmy climes of the American southwest just in time to experience this excellent hostage situation across the street yesterday; let me tell you, five years in NYC and that was the first time there were gunshots anywhere near me.  So much for Brooklyn being the dangerous part of the city. 

SDCC 136

However!  There was San Diego, we went to it and had much rejoicing with authors Vera Brosgol, Leland Myrick, Dave Roman, Gene Yang and Thien Pham, as they are awesome and our common practice when encountering authors is to have rejoicing with them. 

SDCC 174

Now we are back and New York is much less hot than it was last week -- I feel weirdly guilty for missing 103 degree temperatures; isn't it my responsibility as a New Yorker to bear such things, either stoically or with much complaining, not to leave town during them? -- and regular function resumes.

Publishing comics!  It's good to get back to it.


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