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June 09, 2011

Anya's Ghost in the Press


I don't typically post about media attention our books are getting because I feel like that type of thing is generally pretty boring. 

But!  Anya's Ghost is out this week, and it's just gotten some coverage in cool places, so I wanted to highlight two of them. 

First place: seventeen.com.  Apparently they sometimes review comics!  Crazy, right?  Though this is indeed the perfect book for them to pick to recommend to their readers for a great summer read (which they do). 

Second place: The New York Times spent some time yesterday calling this book the next Persepolis (I kid you not).  It's such a good review -- you can tell because it ends with, "Brosgol has created a smart, funny and compassionate portrait of someone who, for all her sulking and sneering, is the kind of daughter many parents would like to have. And the kind of girl many of us maybe once were."



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