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May 12, 2011

Books, Videos, General Miscellany


New trailer from us!  It's kind of adorable; you should go watch it!

And if you haven't caught the Astronaut Academy trailer yet, please go take a look at that, too.

While I'm talking about Anya's Ghost, here's a reminder that you can win an early copy on the internet over at GoodReads!  So you should go do that. 

And #2: speaking of giving things away, I have recently realized that if I do give-aways of upcoming books at the rate of 1/month, I will never again be able to do give-aways of the titles in our collection published pre-2011!  This seems problematic, so I may add another monthly give-away of our favorite titles from previous years.  Comment and tell me what you guys think; though I can't really imagine anyone saying, 'NO MORE BOOK GIVE-AWAYS, THERE ARE TOO MANY BOOKS IN MY LIFE' because how could that possibly be the case?  (Especially if they are books we have published.)


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yes please do give away more books! I always like reading new works :) I would also suggest that you give some books away on LibraryThing.com as well. They have an excellent Early Reviews/Giveaway program

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