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12 posts from March 2011

March 04, 2011

The Goddess of Limericks


There once was a charming young girl

In her father's head she lived, like an oyster'd pearl

Then she jumped out

And adventur'd about

'Til gods and mortals heads all did whirl. 

(I note that Athena is not actually the goddess of limericks; presumably that would be either Apollo or Dionysus?  Someone can enlighten us in the comments thread.)

March 03, 2011

Stuffed! (a give-away)

You know how I said that we were going to do give-aways every month?  I figured that this month we would try doing so at the beginning of the month! 


Give-away of Glenn Eichler and Nick Bertozzi's Stuffed! in honor of the publication of Lewis & Clark.

Click here to enter to win. 

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