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January 19, 2011

Magical Teenagers

(a book recommendation list)

Here is a list of books that we like that contain magical teenagers.  Magical teenagers are especially interesting because it's generally felt that teenagehood is difficult enough without having special magic you have to deal with on top of it!  Such trauma we put these kids through!  It makes excellent fiction.

So without further ado: books!

Courtney Crumrin

This series has an amazing and adorable protagonist who has no nose but is nonetheless excellent in every other way.  She has an excellent grandfather, a creepy house, and many, many adventures. 

Death Note

Evil magical teenagers!  This series is so popular in the US that schools started banning kids from bringing notebooks to class, in case they were using them to psychically cause the deaths of other students.  That's just crazy.


This series has magical teenagers with evil parents.  And also there is a dinosaur.  And, astoundingly enough for a superhero series, there are adventures that are contained within a single hardcover volume!


This book has magical boarding school!  Also there are unicorns.  You can't go wrong.


Brian's writing and Becky's art are just lovely, and this collaboration is one of my favorite things either of them have done.  Any time you put teenagers with surprise magical powers in the real world, it doesn't work out quite so well as anyone images.


It is difficult to find something to say about this series because there is so much in it, and all good!  Steampunk!  Dead parents!  Racial prejudice!  Secret evil running the government!  Excellently portrayed brotherly love!  Girls who are mechanics!  Yay all of this. 

Books of Magic

When Harry Potter came out, there was a general comics community outcry that JKR had stolen her plot from this book, because -- bespectacled teen hero in modern-day England who learns he has magical powers?  Check, check, check.  But Tim is excellent in an entirely different way than Harry is. 


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At least FMA complete in Japan, not like One Piece (50 volumes and counting... ugh), so you know there's a proper ending and we're just waiting for Viz to finish translating/publishing. Anyway, you should keep going with the series because it gets crazy good in the later volumes. And I need someone new to talk to about it! ;)

About halfway so far, I think? I keep getting derailed by these series where there are volumes that _keep coming out_! It is like #5 on my 'getting my life more organized' list: Understand Series Publishing Instinctively (or alternatively through research and remembering).

Yay, Fullmetal Alchemist! I am so madly in love with that series right now, I'm obsessively drawing fanart and having dreams about the characters. O_O Have you read far into it, Gina? Vol 24 came out yesterday and I looooooves it.

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