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January 27, 2011

Adventuretime Comics!

(This is not actually a post about Adventure Time.  Would that it were!  Alas, no ancient vampires are contained within today's missive from the :01 offices.)

I got an e-mail from a librarian at MUHS this past week asking about comics with adventures in them.  It is a good theme, thus: list!

The Quest for the Missing Girl

This book!  It is so good!  Also it is difficult to decide whether it's a pastoral meditation or a police drama, but that is easily resolved.  And the cover is just wonderful.

Conan 1

Anything Kurt Busiek writes is pretty much awesome by definition, and Dark Horse's Conan series is no exception.

Aaron Renier spiral-bound

The cutest book on this list!  We all heart Aaron Renier over here at First Second.


One of our books!  Guaranteed containing swordfights, evil plans, and history!

North World

This book is super-fun: it's got a clever premise, accountants, and talking bears!  What more do you need?

Crogan 1

Chris' Crogan series has all of the elements that good adventures need.  And he keeps writing more!  Soon there will be nothing but adventure!

Lone Wolf and Cub 1

This is the classic Japanese samurai adventure series.  Read it.  Love it. 


If you haven't heard about this comics adventure series, I don't think you have been paying attention very well.  The one-volume edition is the best, and I hear there is a color version coming soon!

Northwest Passage

North America at its most historical adventuresque!  All contained within the pages of this book


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