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December 23, 2010

Comics of History

(a recommendation list)

Here is a whole list of comics that we like from a single subject category: history.  Now that comics are all popularized, more people seem to be using them to do things like write nonfiction.  So without further ado: some of our favorites!


Jason Lutes did an amazing job on this book.  Actually, all of his stuff is amazing, and you should really go check it out.  Also worth taking a look at -- all the kids nonfiction that CCS did with Hyperion -- you can find most of them here


Another biography -- for some reason, biographies are really popular in the comics nonfiction realm.  Maybe it's the visual centrality of a main character.  I would imagine that it would be difficult, for example, to write an intensely illustrated account of the Napoleonic War.  It is full of people!  And also ships!

This biography of Isadora Duncan has no ships, but it is instead full of dancing, which is just about as good. 


It turns out that history can be funny!  Before Kate Beaton, who knew?


This is a comic you might not have heard of yet, because it's coming out in January.  But you should buy it then!  Because it is very good, and also pretty. 


This book is so cool!  It is a collection of short comics about girls who cross-dress for the greater good (the book says: love, freedom, and adventure).  There is Mulan in it!  And also Willow Dawson's art is gorgeous, as it always seems to be.


We have an Official Office Argument about this book!  Is it a great unknown (at least in the US) but eminently worthy piece of North American history?  Will Chester Brown's next book cause even more interdepartmental strife?  Stay tuned!  We may have a cage match.


Aw, it's one of our books!  The American West is discovered; yay!


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