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October 08, 2010

White Space

I'm just going to post this page from Three Shadows, becauseI feel it is particularly fascinating the way that Cyril uses white space here; where the first and the last panel on the page aren't in boxes, but just coming out of the picture to interact with you directly.

3Shadows_28 copy

You almost feel like that milk bucket is going to bounce out of the frame and end up at your feet instead of staying in fantastical pastoral pseudo-France/Portugal. 

Isn't that cool?  It's not a technique I see all that frequently in comics, and this makes me think that it'd be good if it was around more. 



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Three Shadows it one of the greatest comics :01 or any other company has put out in the last decade (and that is saying a lot). I feel like it doesn't get even a sliver of the recognition it deserves. Will you be publishing more books by Cyril?

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