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September 30, 2010

:01 and NYCC

You can tell that :01 and NYCC are a match made in heaven because our names are both made of abbreviations!  That's how heavenly match-making works, right? 


First Second's got quite a number of things going on at this convention.

First: we're exhibiting!  Stop by; we're at booth 2314.  We will do our best to be sociable and also have many excellent books to show off.

Second: authors!  It turns out that there are actual people who write and illustrate our books (this came as a shock to us all; we found out early last week) and that sometimes they are in town and can be convinced to sign their books.  Thus: autographing schedule!


3:00 – Jessica Abel (Drawing Words and Writing Pictures)


11:00 – Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, and Pascal Dizin (City of Spies)

12:00 – George O’Connor (Zeus: King of the Gods; Athena: Grey-Eyed Goddess)

1:00 – Mike Cavallaro (Foiled)


10:00 – Matt Madden (Drawing Words and Writing Pictures)

12:00 – Jane Yolen (Foiled)

1:00 – Tracy White (How I Made It to Eighteen)

2:00 – Faith Erin Hicks, Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan (Brain Camp)

3:00 – Carla Jablonski (Resistance)

4:00 – Andrew Arnold (Adventures in Cartooning)

Third: talking in public (also known as panels).  People do it!  Many of them are our authors and illustrators!  Some of them even show images!  It's a whole exciting thing. 


Building a World in Comics


Room 1A22

When you open a comic, a world appears on the page in front of you.  What goes into creating this world on the part of the writer, and on the part of the artist?  Is the process different between fiction and nonfiction?  And what pieces do you need to add to that world to make it come alive on the page? 

With Mike Cavallaro, George O’Connor, Susan Kim, and Laurence Klavan, moderated byTucker Stone


A Day in the Studio


Room 1A24

What does creating comics look like on a day-to-day basis?  Join four comics creators to see pictures of their studios, a discussion of their process, and the ins and outs, ups and downs, of making a living in comics. 

With Jane Yolen, Dave Roman, Tracy White, and Matt Madden moderated by Brian Heater


Wild, Wacky, and Zany Comics Adventures


Variant Stage/Kids Day

Adventure!  Excitement!  Fun times!  Step up for adventure as talented cartoonists take the stage to tell their own stories in comics format – and yours! 

With Andrew Arnold, Faith Erin Hicks, and Dave Roman


Comics Storytelling


Room 1A17

How are comics different from prose books, from picture books and screenplays and illustration?  What makes a story something that should be told in the comics format?  Four cartoonists talk about their inspiration to work in the comics medium and how panels and speech balloons come together to make great storytelling. 

With Faith Erin Hicks, Carla Jablonski, Tracy White, and Jane Yolen, moderated by Margaret Maloney

And Jessica Abel's on an panel for educators on Friday at four; if you are an educator, you should go to that as well.  With Jessica involved, it is bound to be interesting!

We're looking forward to seeing you there.


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