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March 04, 2009

This is why we copyedit our books.

Derek Kirk Kim, :01 stalwart (and co-author with Gene Yang of the upcoming The Eternal Smile), sends us a link to this photo:


...and notes with some alarm, "It's from Macmillan!"

Don't worry, Derek. Macmillan has really cleaned up its act since the DAWN OF TIME when that dictionary was published. Fun fact: it's mostly because First Second designer Colleen's scary, scary pet bichir fish just hates typos.

And around here we try not to anger Emilio the almost-an-eelio.



That dictionary picture is priceless! I saw a collection of the worst copy mistakes a while ago, and it had some really good ones. Fun stuff!

Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi

He just wants to love you, Colleen. WHY WON'T YOU LET HIM LOVE YOU!?

Also important to note: I think our design has gotten a bit better since that "Dicitionary". Looks a lot like a bad high-school yearbook. I imagine there are senior portraits of all the words: Aardvarks wearing black tablecloths, holding a single rose against their shoulder...

Emilio is one to fear for many reasons including his ability to eat 100 guppies in a week's time, but perhaps the most terrifying is the fact he can walk on land. There is a reason I keep a very heavy lid on that tank and my boxes of oreos out of his sight.

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