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March 02, 2009

The Flatiron, 23 Skiddoo, and Snow that Falls Up

Who needs gravity? Yup, round these parts (aka my design desk on the 7th floor of the Flatiron) SNOW FALLS UP. Crazy winds funneling down 5th ave and Broadway and hitting our building.

In the early days of the flatiron (early 1900's) the mostly-forgotten phrase "23 skiddoo" was invented because of our building. The fierce Flatiron winds raised skirts and attracted the interest of passing gentlemen. Police officers there kept the gawkers moving along by saying "23 skiddoo," the equivalent of "scram."

Also interesting to note: Look how clean my desk is! Yeah, that's not too normal, but piles of proofs for our Fall 09 books just went back to the printers. You do get to see our beautiful Laika and Slow Storm posters, ALA's Gene Yang poster, and fly-by glimpses of some of our upcoming projects like Cat Burglar Black and Color of Water. (Please note we are not doing a book about Phil Collins and kittens...sorry to disappoint you all I'm sure.)

Seems appropriate my task today is designing Germantown, a book about NY in the 40's by Laurence Klavan and Susan Kim, illustrated with fantastic art by Pascal Dizin. Feeling all full of NYC history.


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