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February 10, 2009

Watch this space!

Above: At the First Second booth, our marketing goddess Gina Gagliano and James Sime, the evil genius behind San Francisco's Isotope comics shop, admire Adventures in Cartooning, part of First Second's Spring 2009 line-up.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for comics fans - Angoulême and NYCC happened in such quick succession that some of our industry friends went straight from one to the other (happily these plucky comics warriors seem to have emerged from their marathon miraculously intact!).

All of which is to say, we here at First Second had a blast getting photos and reports from Angoulême, and actually attending NYCC - and once our heads stop spinning, we intend to tell you all about it, including panels, highlights at the booth, and Angoulême reports from First Second agents abroud Sara Varon and Charlie Orr.

But for now, check out our brand new flickr page, featuring some photos of NYCC. This is the work of our intrepid designer, Colleen, who in an already legendary move, worked 13 hours at the NYCC booth this last Sunday with what turns out to be a BROKEN ARM.



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