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July 05, 2006



[More Eddie Campbell artwork to be found online, plus another great bookstore to discover -- if you're in the hemisphere...]

"Readers of The Fate of the Artist looking for some other Eddie Campbell oddities are directed to the site of Bent Books Australia, where they will see displayed a dozen caricatures of famous authors (see how many you can name) on the store's exclusive bookmarks. Eddie draws six of these each year for Sean MacKinnon , who is reprtedly one of his dearest drinking buddies, and is looking forward to tackling the next set when he finishes the long awaited  Black Diamond Agency next week. Look for that book in First Second's Spring 2007 releases. Last we heard, Eddie's wife has got him on a gluten-free diet of cider. Sean MacKinnon was not available for comment. "


guest Blogger: LELAND MYRICK


The Hussar

July 03, 2006

Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS


Greek Men and Their Weird Cars No. 3

This old Ford Anglia sits on the forecourt of my brother’s garage. His friend Nick, a car bodywork master craftsman, is refurbishing it. Nick can make any car look like it was built yesterday. Ford Anglias, with their strange, swept-back rear windows remind me of my uncle Michael, who had one of these for years. It was a bit of a heap, but he loved it. He’d turn up at our house in it and then he and my dad would go into the kitchen and speak Greek and smoke for hours. Seems funny that my uncle’s dodgy old motor has become a classic car.

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