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June 26, 2006

Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS


Charon - Getting the Character Right 

This character appears in the forthcoming graphic novel Laika. The character is unnamed in the story, but I think of him as Charon. He’s actually a life saver rather than a ferryman to the realm of the dead, but he does play a similar sort of role. In the promo artwork I drew for the book (top), I wanted to make him wise but he ended up looking too friendly. For the final sequence, he’s been re-designed. Here are a few versions I played with – you only ever get to see his head, as he’s driving a truck the whole time, so I concentrated on his face. The two pencil sketches at the bottom are closest to how he appears in the finished book.


those bottom 2 reminds me of Steve W a bit...

Thanks for the link, Marilyn. They look like they're producing some very cool stuff. I wasn't aware of them, no, although I know of a band, a song, and countless art projects of various kinds called by the same title or inspired by the real-life Laika. Wonder why they chose that name? In my case, as you'll see in the book, it's actually a fairly ironic title...

Curious if NICK ABADZIS is familar with the company called LAIKA--same as the title of his book. This is the former Will Vinton Studio in Portland, Oregon, now rechristened and in production on animated feature films. You might want to check them out at:


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