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May 02, 2006


The first six FIRST SECOND titles are available AS OF TODAY at every bookstore worth their salt.


Send you friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers the gift of a first rate graphic novel! If you have a 20 in your pocket, you can always afford a First Second book.

If you like these authors, tell a friend!

If you don't, tell your enemies!

And many thanks for all the messages of support and well wishes, and even some classy wine bottles.

... And Comic Book Galaxy has a drawing right now: enter here to receive a free set of them!


I'm really forward to seeing these books. Best of luck - I hope these rock everyone's world!


I've called around everywhere, and it seems like none of your books are available in the Bay Area. I look forward to when they are not only released, but ready for capture!

I was in BORDERS this morning looking for anything by First Second...no luck! Are they not carrying your books?

Congratulations to all. Here's hoping for massive sell-outs, and in to season 2!

I'm doing my small part. My review of The Fate of the Artist is up at ReadySteadyBook:


I did mean tomorrow...Sigh. Typing too fast with fat fingers...

Not tomorrwo which is officially Comic Book Day in the free world? :-) You'll get a jump on the mainsteam companies!

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