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May 01, 2006

Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS

Seem to be drawing a lot of dogs lately. Wonder why?



The bear and the bird will probably be taking a brief rest now but I'm hoping to get some other strips done soon.

Thanks, Kathy! He's a friend's black lab and is very beautiful.

Dave, I had an idea for a Christmas story you could do, involving penguins. Lots of people like penguins, especially at Christmas. No, hang on... did you do that already? Dunno what I was thinking ...

Oh, and how's that strip about the cute polar bear and the penguin coming along?

Because that dog looks adorable?

Hmm, maybe you could do a strip with a dog in? Lots of people like dogs. Hey, you could even aim for a crossover audience and make it, ooh I don't know, a dog in space!

Nah, that'd never work. Don't know what I was thinking.

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