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26 posts from April 2006

April 13, 2006

Sammy Harkham !


I've just read and re-read Sammy Harkham's CRICKET, volume 1. It's sheer pleasure and Drawn & Quarterly continue to shine with such offerings.

Visually, it has Harkham's unique and charismatic stamp; what seems at first like an arresting graphic experiment opens out to a brilliant story beginning. What promise.

April 11, 2006

More on Isotope

Well, okay, so we're proud of her!

Once again, this weekend, Danica won the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics. Just to recap, this award is sponsored by The Isotope, a very cool comic book store in San Francisco. Danica flew West to receive her unstable molecule, at a ceremony timed with the Alternative Press Expo--and she has gotten a lot of great internet press:

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter and Heidi MacDonald The Beat have both made mention of Danica winning this award.

There's a thread on Warren Ellis' excellent the Engine about the Alternative Press Expo that mentions Danica in glowing terms:

Danica Novgorodoff's A Late Freeze took top honors at the APE Aftermath. The coolest moment of the ceremony was when she asked if she could try on James Sime's exquisite Dr. Strange cape. The place went wild. It was awesome.

And Danica is a delight to talk to about comics. She's clearly fighting the good fight.

And from the Editor at the inspiring Oni Press :

I got a chance to talk with Danica on Saturday, albiet way too briefly. Her mini is definitely a beautiful object with exquisite design. She's also a (the primary?) designer for First Second and was responsible for the breath-taking design on Gene Yang's book that I mentioned up thread. She's a classy, talented woman and one to watch to be sure.

_A Late Freeze_ has been reviewed online at Comix Experience, at Beaucoup Kevin, and at Precocious Curmudgeon.

April 10, 2006

A LATE FREEZE wins the Isotope!


Congratulations, Danica Novgorodoff!

A LATE FREEZE just won the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics!

And it's available for sale at Danica's website. And for pure viewing pleasure, another excerpt:


Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS

Good Places to Draw People No. 4 (Continued)


There's an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David bends his Doctor's ear over the paucity and quality of the magazines he keeps in his waiting room. There's nothing there that takes Larry's interest - no golfing magazines. The Doctor listens and next time Larry visits, the quality of the magazines has improved somewhat. Quite right, too.

April 04, 2006


Diary of an author, waiting. part 13.

While he's waiting for his book, The Fate of the Artist to find its' way onto the market, the author receives those little cheer-me-ups from his wife, little quotations and such designed to remind him that he is on the right path and that all will turn out right.

Today it's this:

Don't give up too soon. Not even if well-meaning parents, relatives, friends and colleagues tell you to get 'a real job.' Your dreams are your real job. -- Joyce Spizer, author of Rejections of the Written Famous

Alas, it only reminds him of the time he was fired from a 'real job' for daydreaming.


April 03, 2006

Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS

Good Places to Draw People No. 4

Waiting rooms. Doctors' waiting rooms, official business waiting rooms, any sort of waiting room. As you'll probably have gathered if you've been following my contributions to this blog, waiting is something that I feel is a national pastime for British people. Therefore, they excel at putting together waiting rooms. I don't feel particularly British - indeed, in many ways, I'm not - and therefore have to distract myself from the business of waiting, which can really be terribly boring. Fortunately, I keep about my person my trusty sketchbook so I can record the body language and expressions of deadly, creeping ennui that cross the faces of my various companions-in-waiting.

Actually, these drawings were made in my Doctor's waiting room, and it's really rather pleasant - light and airy with toys to keep the babies happy and a water cooler for thirsty ill people. They never keep anyone waiting for long so it seems churlish not to point that out.


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