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March 09, 2006


Hey there! Here's a new category in the :01 blog: YOUNG READERS CORNER! Brought on by popular demand, from the many librarians, booksellers, educators and parents begging for a list of "graphic novels' for ages 6 and up...

So YOUNG READERS CORNER will include highly recommended quality comics, and before long, it should be VERY OBVIOUS there's plenty of material out there to make a hoppin', happenin' section for the picture book set in every bookstore, library, classroom and children's room!

And you, cherished visitor, if you know of a MUST-HAVE title for this Young Reader's Corner, please, comment, comment away!

And of course, I'll be sure to mention the First Second Titles which belong here, such as SARDINE IN OUTER SPACE, available as of May 1st 2006 online or in your favorite bookstore, since we are wholeheartedly committed to helping raise the next generation of demanding Graphic Novel readers.


So we begin, with the most amazing THE ADVENTURES OF POLO by Regis Faller (from Roaring Brook Press, :01's parent company.)

It's exquisite, generous, surprising, thrilling, delightful storytelling, without any words -- and you can get a glimpse of Polo's world at the Polo website, although it's in French.

March 08, 2006


Hi everyone.

Young parents, take note: here is a very useful item to have in your baby things for when your little one gets cranky. The modern recipe is now free of hard alcohols.

It's also highly recommended for dealing with crabby editors, petulant agents and difficult authors.


March 07, 2006

LA PERDIDA goes on sale today


Jessica Abel's collected LA PERDIDA is in stores and online today! Her covers were already superb in the serialized version, and she's outdone herself on this magnificent Pantheon edition. The dust jacket is a daytime scene, and underneath it, the cover is the nighttime version. Really gorgeous.

Both versions can be seen on Jessica's website by following links at this page.



Diary of an author, waiting. part 8

While waiting for my new collection of wise words and pictures to appear in the stores, my Fate of the Artist, my old ones hurry back to haunt me. Actually, upon reading this, it's not so bad. I managed to spice it with enough humor to keep it alive in the bottle. Nearly two years ago, just after the NY Times magazine did their big piece on the graphic novel (Jun '04) , I observed a tendency in our artistic community to waste precious print space arguing about things of no importance (such as what is a graphic novel and why don't we go back to saying comic book?). I attempted to galvanize the practitioners of the form into a state of solidarity by writing a manifesto. It got reprinted widely and I think it may even be quoted in full on the Wikipedia site.

This chappie (I think he's in the Phillipines) just decide to present it afresh for all our readers who missed it the first time around.

March 06, 2006

Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS

Good Places to Draw People No. 3 (Continued)


Still on the bus. The buses are better than the tube in London, but if you get caught in the morning rush hour 'round our way, it can still be a bit of a trying time getting anywhere. As ever, the answer is to draw. Patiently.

March 02, 2006

Guest Blog: Emmanuel GUIBERT

From the sketchbooks of Emmanuel Guibert: A FLAT IRON BUILDING in Genoa, Italy!


March 01, 2006



Congratulations, Chun YU, author of the exquisite LITTLE GREEN -- which has just hit a grand slam: three awards in the past couple weeks! First, the recommendation from the Parent's Choice Foundation , then LITTLE GREEN has been named a 2006 Notable by both the National Council of Social Studies(NCSS) and the Children's Book Council (CBC) . . . and that's not all: The Society of School Librarians International (SSLI) award as well.

More info at her official website;

Chun is currently working on a bold new graphic novel script for FIRST SECOND. For now it's still secret.


Diary of an author, still waiting, part 7.

My editor just told me my book, The Fate of the Artist,  has gone back for a second printing even though I'm still waiting for the first one to come out. I have decided to pass the time by having a 'thought for the day', whether i feel like one or not. Today's thought:

Genius is a nuisance, and it is the duty of schools and colleges to abate it by setting genius-traps in its way. 
--Samuel Butler

Now, I don't wish to imply that I see myself in this quotation, that I claim to be the genius mentioned. I would only think such a thing after one bottle of Retsina. And after two I would be no less than the king of Persia. But it reminded me of that day away back in 1970 when, at the age of 15, it was my turn to front up before the school careers advisor. I candidly informed the man that I wished to spend my life drawing comics. He had never in all his days heard of such a low ambition and tried to dissuade me from my course. I can only thank my finely tuned instinct for self-preservation that I kept to myself my whacky theory that the great story of our times could be aptly told in the form of a kind of extended comic strip.

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