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October 13, 2005

To blog or not to blog

Argh_1 There are times in the world of comics blogs and bulletin boards, when the ranting and raving gets hot. To join or not to join, in the wildfires of opinion? Some days I've got a fighting spirit, and sure why not jump into some pointless lost cause of an argument? Other days, I'd just rather go see Wallace & Gromit.

October 11, 2005

A book event

A collector's item if there ever was one.


Some testimonials from the publisher's website -- at Sunday Press Books.

"This heartbreakingly beautiful book is the reinvention of Winsor McCay--as if he was being published for the first time. Only better."
Art Spiegelman

"Every time I look at it I get inspired; really, this is a wonderful thing . . . It's the 'book of the year.'"
Chris Ware

"To see this awesome labor of love and of insight into the creativity of Winsor McCay is to know it has to become part of your library and your life."
Bill Blackbeard

"You have done popular culture historians and McCay fans everywhere a great favor by preserving this unique work in such a sensitive and loving manner."
John Canemaker

"This beautifully done book is a work of art in itself . . . McCay's masterpiece, which never ceases to amaze me, has never looked better. "
Patrick McDonnell

October 07, 2005

Joann Sfar speaking at Astor Place

On September 22, Joann Sfar finished his US author tour for THE RABBI'S CAT when he spoke at the Barnes & Noble at Astor place.

In the course of the evening, he passed on a few interesting items for those of you working on your own graphic novels. So we're adding these to our TIPS FOR CREATIVE TYPES...

Roughly paraphrased, here are a couple of things Joann said, referring to some of the European comics masters who have influenced him -- Fred, Jean Giraud, and Edmond Baudoin.

"Jean Giraud [aka MOEBIUS] once told me that to make a story you have to be really smart, but it helps to also be a little bit stupid. You need to be smart with the overall structure, but stupid enough to be surprised by your next panel."

Moeb © Moebius/Jean Giraud

And along similar lines:

"Fred [author of PHILEMON] told me that it's easy to surprise your reader. He's reading in 20 minutes what you've been working on for maybe a year. If you can't surprise him, you're not very good. The real challenge is surprising yourself."

Fred_corb_1 © Fred

And from Baudoin:

" In creating comics, you want to make a picture that has the quality of a painting, but then mess it up. If a single panel is too good, too 'right' -- it will suck your reader into itself, like a painting ought to. But in comics, it needs to lead your reader onto the next panel, and onto the next. What matters is the flow of the story, not a perfect picture."

Baudouin_us_1 © Edmond Baudoin

Baudouin_procesverbal © Edmond Baudoin

October 05, 2005

Fortune Cookie Part 5 (journal excerpt)

And conclusion... I'd love to meet a real fortune cookie writer.

Fc_08 © mark siegel, 2005

October 04, 2005

Fortune Cookie Part 4 (journal excerpt)

Continuing from before...

No doubt the editor's hat occasionally creeps into the journal.

Fc_07 © mark siegel, 2005

[To Be Continued]

October 03, 2005

Fortune Cookie Part 3 (journal excerpt)



Fc_06 © mark siegel, 2005

[To Be Continued]

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