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October 11, 2005

A book event

A collector's item if there ever was one.


Some testimonials from the publisher's website -- at Sunday Press Books.

"This heartbreakingly beautiful book is the reinvention of Winsor McCay--as if he was being published for the first time. Only better."
Art Spiegelman

"Every time I look at it I get inspired; really, this is a wonderful thing . . . It's the 'book of the year.'"
Chris Ware

"To see this awesome labor of love and of insight into the creativity of Winsor McCay is to know it has to become part of your library and your life."
Bill Blackbeard

"You have done popular culture historians and McCay fans everywhere a great favor by preserving this unique work in such a sensitive and loving manner."
John Canemaker

"This beautifully done book is a work of art in itself . . . McCay's masterpiece, which never ceases to amaze me, has never looked better. "
Patrick McDonnell


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