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August 24, 2005


Hey! A very cool article by Douglas Wolk in this week's PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY!

It's called "THE ROAD TO FRUITION; New York Publishers are luring comics artists away from their indie-house roots, in hopes of greater sales" and casts an insightful look into the publishing world's current scramble for comics. Anyone in the business knows that the hype about graphic novels has reached unprecedented pitch in the last two years, and simply won't go away. For better and for worse.

In the article, THIS BLOG gets a friendly mention, along with a recent strip, and there's mention of such comics luminaries as Derek Kirk Kim, Eddie Campbell, Craig Thomson, Kazu Kabuishi and Matt Madden.

And about Yours Truly? Well, it says that I'm "also suspicious of this new literary-graphic-novel goldrush -- although some might say he's a bit of a carpetbagger himself."

"The Carpetbaggers" by N.C. Wyeth Carpetbaggers_2


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