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August 09, 2005



Hope you'll enjoy exploring the First Second site. There's more coming. If you like wallpapers and screensavers, we'll put some new ones regularly in the catalog section, from our upcoming titles, like this one, from A.L.I.E.E.E.N.

August 05, 2005


Welcome to the DOODLES & DAILIES weblog. It's official, we're launching In Spring 2006 with our first six graphic novels.

I'm writing from the offices of FIRST SECOND in the Flatiron Building. That's right, the famous one that looks like a ship, known to some as The home of the Daily Bugle.


Here's some of what you can expect when you visit this page:

1. Odd little news items.

2. Sketches and previews from upcoming projects.

3. Occasional strips of Adventures in Publishing.

4. And who knows what else. This website won't be some corporate Business card. So it might be weird. It might have the odd essay from some interesting people. Maybe a page from my own comics journal. Like this one.


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